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PassPac is an integrated website tickets production, distribution and management of O2O marketing tool, It also provides an App for consumers to use electronic tickets using mobile applications, as well as iphone native application such as passbook, but in addition, it as searching, e-coupons, e-tickets using NFC technology for authentication mechanisms. Here are the App features and product description:

PassPac - Pass Management

By QZ Tap, Inc.

PassPac is an electronic ticket (Pass) search, management application. If Any one wishes to obtain and use consumer electronic ticket, one can download it directly. It contains coupons, event tickets, membership cards, stored value cards and tickets for five different kinds of bills in its electronic form.

PassPac using community site Facebook account to facilitate consumers in a trusted environment using PassPac; while PassPac also integrates the spread fan group interface that allows fans operators in the community site to easily distribute the fan page e-ticket.

Passbook is a native of iPhone applications, vendors must post their passes on Passbook, as well as various other pass generator platforms to obtain the result they want. PassPac provides an electronic ticket display platform, group or brand fans operator can utilize their own fan page to generate spread through this particular platform; PassPac users can easily find this a city you want to focus using their e-tickets.

Aside from producing PassPac Passes for usage in Passbook, one can also use the PassPac, to provide visual and QrCODE for ticket validation. In addition, the NFC Adapter can be use for for authentication . Validation use of NFC technology, and provide individual stores’ consumer behavior information (AIDA, Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) as important data.

Hot Ads. mechanisms: This is PassPac App unique mechanism, upon verification using the NFC Adapter/ ticket validation tool. When the stores provides the NFC Adapter to the consumers, upon consumers download PassPac App, the store name image will appear on the page; whatever store advertising message can also occur when one taps the function button.