NFC for SmartPhone


  1. 1What is PassPac?

    PassPac is a O2O(On-line 2 Off-line) marketing tool, which includes: 
        (1) PassPac Web
        (2) PassPac App
        (3) NFC reader/tag
    The O2O marketing tool platform allows for pass generation, distribution and management.  PassPac web allows for Facebook fan page owner to manage passes and enable their members to benefit from it, and PassPac App allows for end users to utilize various passes with different unique features benefits.

  2. 2Who are the target audiences of PassPac ?

    There are two type of target audeicen : 1.PassPac website main target customers is for the community/fan group operator/managers; 2. PassPac of APP, focus on Facebook users and their utilization of e-coupon/tickets.

  3. 3What kind of service does PassPac provide ?

    PassPac provide a tool for fan group operator/managers to fully take advantage of their O2O marketing campaign, One can use this tool, to distribute their e-coupon/tickets via their chosen social networking website.

  4. 4What is a NFC adapter?

    NFC Adapter allows for user to use near field communication technology (NFC, Near Field Communication) via their smart phone’s audio interface, Which allows none NFC-enabled smart phones to take advantage of NFC functionality.

  5. 5What is Passbook?

    Passbook is an iOS6.X native application, it is turns our daily membership cards, paper-based tickets, coupons, into the electronic format; Passbook categorized the various types of ticket into five groups: membership cards, stored value cards, event tickets, Universal tickets and e-tickets/coupons.

  6. 6Passbook & Passpac: What are the similarities and differences?

    Passbook is an iOS6.X native applications, while PassPac is an application that needs to be download to one’s smart phone. Both platform serve as e-coupon/ticket Application. While PassPac incorporates the management interface of Passbook, and also allows users to search for various Passes, while integrating NFC Adapter functionality. Therefore participating stores can use either visual, QR code to perform the verification, as well as the well-established authentication NFC technology.

  7. 7How is PassPac used in adding passes?

    Whenever an eCoupon join in PassPac applications, similar to Passbook, one can access via their Email, Web & smart phone application, because PassPac applications provide the feature of PassMarket , which allows consumers to add their Passes into PassPac applications.

  8. 8In PassPac added Pass can Passbook to use it?

    The passes issue from PassPac works exactly the same as they were in Passbook. However, passes from other companies are temporarily unavailable for usage.

  9. 9How does one utilizes e-coupon passes?

    PassPac uses the pass, the same way as users would use their passes from Passbook. Upon entering the screen, select "Use Pass> Options and select a particular service. If both the stores and consumers have NFC capabilities, one can use it for identity verification. While if the stores and & the consumers both, do not NFC Adapter, then one can use their QR CODE to do the validation.

  10. 1010 How to validate e-coupon & passes?

    Not only can PassPac passes be visual inspected via one’s screen from their smart phone for identification purposes, But the eCoupon also has two different ways to validate this pass. For one using QR CODE, a store can used a QR CODE reader, or using an NFC enable device to verify the identity of the pass.

  11. 11Why is the store name, address, brands, store logo needed to input ?

    When making a PasspacPass, one needs to fill in the store name, address, brands and upload store logo, Upon completion of the basic information, One need not to re-enter these fixed basic information in the future.

  12. 12Why is the fan group operator information needed to input?

    The Passpac service utilizes the Facebook fan group as the basic infrastructure for O2O markting tool, whenever the fan group operators generates eCoupon on Facebook, fan group members can received these eCoupon, within seconds upon operator completes the his/her eCoupon, maximizes the benefits of the fan group.

  13. 13Why is the corporate information needed to input?

    The management and operation of individual store’s Facebook's fan group, belongs to individual stores, or its official operating partner. Whenever there is a breach or infringement of rights of brands, PassPac can quickly provide the most updated & accurate information.

  14. 14Values from PassPac application, presents to the fan group operators?

    PassPac is a platform that provides O2O marketing tool to operators of different brand or stores that has a facebook fans, Fans group operators can utilized this O2O marketing tool, to marketing towards members that was once virtual on the internet world, transfer them into actual physical consumers on their respective channel, to increase revenues per store and the number of visitors.

  15. 15Values from PassPac application, presents to the end customer?

    1、 Convenience and time saved --- Passbook eCoupons or electronic ticket can only be received
          either as a member of a fan club, or from a friend. While PassPac's App provides PassMarket an
          electronic ticket marketplace, so long as the store produces their passes from PassPac, one can
          access find these stores eCoupon or ticket from this Marketplace.
    2、 Convenient way to authentic --- Passbook provides bothQR CODE and visual verification , While
          PassPac not only provide these two methods, but adds additional way of authentication via NFC
    3、 Personalized device --- NFC Adapter is an external NFC products, Outer casing appearance can
          be designed an cater towards individual needs and personal preferences.

  16. 16Service charge applicable in using PassPac?

    PassPac offers both free and paid services; Currently, PassPac offers a free tool for creating one’s electronic ticket, allowing the Facebook fan group operator to manage and spread towards its fans; If an fan group operator wishes to obtain consumer records, one can purchase NFC Adapter to allow consumers to reflect their identity, and use the authentication. pay scheme. Please refer to the sales program.