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About Us

PassPac is developed by QzTap operated utilize O2O marketing tools, so business can market and maximize the use of electronic tickets using physical networking technology, and turn them into the electronic ticket, Allow consumers to ease of carry and convenience, and to allow business & stores to easy issue, manage the bills, and to achieve the maximum benefits NFC technology.

QzTap Inc., Is a NFC R&D technology company that provides related services for business, Target audiences are smartphones (iOS / Android) holders, facebook fan club operators, to provide NFC services related applications. For the the past two years, we’ve strive to address the validation of identity between virtual and physical world, the authentication problem, and related RD involving NFC related technologies: namely the development of NFC adapter, and the development of PassPac application services, so that no NFC-enabled iOS phones other smartphones can have access to NFC functionality.